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Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 19 Online English Subbed! Goku and Vegeta continue their training under Whis on Beerus’ planet. Meanwhile, Sorbet and his assistant Tagoma (タゴマ?) depart their ship and head for Earth in order to find the Dragon Balls, with which they intend to resurrect their leader Freeza. They run into the Pilaf Gang who had collected all …

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 18 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 18 Online English Subbed! Goku and Whis arrive on Beerus’ planet, where Vegeta is tasked with housekeeping. Goku is surprised to learn that Vegeta has gotten considerably stronger training under Whis and so wants to start his training right away. Before he is allowed, however, Whis orders him to help Vegeta with the chores including …

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Dragon ball super episode 9

Dragon Ball Super Episode 9 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 9 Online English Subbed! Goku gathers the Dragon Balls together and summons Shenlong who is startled by Beerus’ presence. Shenlong quickly explains that the Super Saiyan God is not a person but a legendary transformation that only kindhearted Saiyans can achieve by fusing their power together. The Saiyans attempt to transform Goku but fail, as …

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watch dragon ball super episode 6 online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 English Subbed

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 Online English Subbed! Beerus and Whis arrive on Earth, where Bulma’s birthday party is underway. Initially, Vegeta is paralyzed by Beerus’ presence. He recalls a childhood encounter with the deity a long time ago when Beerus visited Planet Vegeta and threatened his father, King Vegeta. Shortly after, Bulma pops up. She invites Beerus and …

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