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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 64 Online English Subbed! Vegeta continues to overpower Goku Black. Future Zamasu attempts to intervene, but Goku cuts him off. Goku Black realizes that Vegeta’s increased power comes from his anger, and uses that method to increase his own power. Goku Black distracts Goku and Vegeta by creating many energy duplicates of himself to confuse …

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 60 Online English Subbed! With Zamasu defeated, Beerus is convinced that Future Trunks’ timeline has become peaceful once again. Although hesitant, Future Trunks decides to go back to his timeline to make sure that is the case. Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma accompany him. As soon as they arrive, they realize that nothing has changed. Future …

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dragon ball super episode 58

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 58 Online English Subbed! Wanting to learn more about the Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu visits Zunō-sama’s planet. Under duress, Zunō-sama explains exactly how the Super Dragon Balls work and where they are. At Capsule Corporation, Bulma nurses Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks back to health. Beerus and Whis arrive with Kaiō-shin. After listening to what …

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dragon ball super episode 57

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 57 Online English Subbed! Zamasu appears unexpectedly from the sky. He states that he and Goku Black are “kindred spirits” who want a world without mortals. Goku challenges Zamasu to a fight and Zamasu accepts. During the fight, Goku Black suddenly comes between Goku and Zamasu and smashes Goku into a corner. Future Trunks appears …

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 53 Online English Subbed! Goku, Beerus, and Whis arrive to Universe Ten. They meet the Kaiō-shin beings called Zamasu (ザマス), an apprentice Kaiō-shin, and Gowasu (ゴワス), Zamasu’s master. Gowasu shows to be a kind hearted Kaiō-shin who loves all creation, while Zamasu despises mortals, specifically humans. Goku is excited by the idea of fighting a …

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dragon ball super episode 51

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 51 Online English Subbed! Bulma finds the Time Machine that Cell used to travel to the past and promptly gathers the team to repair it. While Future Trunks is waiting for Bulma to finish the repairs, Goku heads off to Kaiō-sama’s planet to train. Future Trunks and Mai discuss their counterparts from alternate timelines. Future …

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