Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 81 Online English Subbed!

The fight between Son Goku and Bergamo begins. Bergamo accuses Goku of endangering the entire multiverse to sate his own bloodlust, turning the Kais against him. He convinces Zenō-sama to cancel the rule of erasure of the universes if he defeats Goku. The two start on even ground until Bergamo lowers his defenses and goads Goku into attacking him. He reveals his true power to turn his opponents attacks into his own power. Goku then transforms into a Super Saiyan and deliberately attacks him to make him stronger and slower. Goku takes advantage of Bergamo’s size to outspeed him. He then uses the Super Saiyan Blue Kaiō-ken transformation and defeats Bergamo with a Kamehameha. The Great Priest then explains the finalized rules of the Tournament of Power. The Tournament will be a single battle royale between all 80 fighters; elimination is by ring-out, and weapons, killing opponents, and flight are not allowed. At the end of a 48 minute time limit, the universe with the most fighters standing wins. Goku is then confronted by a fighter from Universe 11 named Toppo, who declares him to be an enemy of all universes and challenges him to a fight. Goku, dissatisfied with Bergamo, accepts his challenge.

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