Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 65 Online English Subbed!

Fusion Zamasu explains his new powers: he possesses the immortality of Future Zamasu, as well as Goku Black’s Saiyan ability to grow stronger from each fight. He shows off his power and devastates the Earth in the process. Meanwhile, Future Trunks decides to rejoin the fight, while Mai and Bulma are working on the time machine. Goku and Vegeta engage Fusion Zamasu in combat, but they are easily defeated. Future Trunks joins the fight, but he is also overpowered. Fusion Zamasu begins charging up an enormous ki blast known as the Holy Wrath to destroy the planet. Future Trunks uses a last ditch Galick Gun attack to hold him off. Vegeta joins the clash with his own all-out Galick Gun. Surprisingly, their combined attack overpowers Fusion Zamasu’s attack and saves the Earth. However, Fusion Zamasu survives unscathed.

Vegeta barely saves Future Trunks from a deadly attack by Fusion Zamasu, but Vegeta is knocked out by the blast. Fusion Zamasu charges a second Holy Wrath attack, but Goku rejoins the fight and counters it with a massive Kamehameha.

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