Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 40 Online English Subbed!

Goku and Hit fight to an indecisive stalemate. Neither side is able to gain ground against the other. Goku requests that the rules of the fight be waived so that Hit can use his assassination techniques freely. Champa and Beerus argue over this decision. During their argument, Goku jumps out of the arena, forfeiting the match as a result. Goku argues that he would have been unable to continue due to the strain on his body brought on by his Kaiō-ken technique. Shortly after, Monaka walks up to face Hit. Monaka easily defeats Hit in a single punch. With Hit defeated, the Universe Seven team comes out as the winners of the tournament. Just as the festivities are about to conclude, Zenō (全王), a mysterious “King of Universes”, appears in the center of the arena.

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