Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 English Subbed!

Watch Dragon ball super Episode 37 Online English Subbed!

Vegeta faces Kyabe (キャベ), a slim and short Saiyan from Universe Six, in the following round. Unlike their Universe Seven counterparts, Saiyans of Universe Six are heroic and kind. They are known as benevolent galactic protectors. Vegeta and Kyabe are initially equally matched. After Vegeta pushes Kyabe to power up, Kyabe admits he cannot do it. Kyabe asks for Vegeta to teach him how to transform. This seemingly enrages Vegeta. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and begins to mercilessly beat Kyabe. Vegeta threatens Kyabe. He says he will kill him and destroy his planet if he forfeits. An enraged Kyabe suddenly transforms and goes on the offensive. Vegeta reveals that, since the Super Saiyan transformation is unlocked through drawing on one’s inner anger, his actions were intended to bring about that transformation. Vegeta quickly powers up even more and knocks Kyabe out with a single punch. After the fight, Kyabe thanks Vegeta for telling him about his untapped potential. Vegeta brushes him off and tells him not to forget his Saiyan pride and to aim to surpass all other Saiyans. Kyabe acknowledges Vegeta’s advice and walks off stage. With Universe Six now down to their last fighter, Champa is still unconcerned as he is certain his hit man Hit will be able to settle the score.

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