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Dragonball Z Merchandise

If you’re looking for the coolest Dragonball Z stuff around, you’re in the right place.This anime has captured the hearts of multiple generations, and it’s easy to see why the compelling storyline and characterization of its heroes is second to none and fans who grew up on the show know the anticipation of the next great episode.

About Dragonball Z:

Dragonball Z is one of the most successful animes of all time, both the original Japanese version and the later US dubs experienced an amazing level of popularity.The series centers around an alien warrior named Goku, whose supernatural power, speed and energy-wielding capabilities increase as he and his friends fight off repeated invasions of Earth and later on take the fight to truly frightening beings across the stars.The cast of characters was amazingly diverse, including fan favorites such as the anti-hero Vegeta who was one of Goku’s first foes, his best friend Krillin, and the Namek warrior Piccolo.The villains were equally menacing and exotic, ranging from the effeminate alien warlord Frieza to the genetically-engineered marvel that was Perfect Cell. These villains weren’t just awesome fighters; they wielded power to crush planets and subjugate their subjects with an amazing amount of ease and with each new form they revealed they became more and more powerful.

The eponymous Dragon Balls, when all seven are gathered, allow the one who brings them together to make a single wish before scattering themselves to the ends of the Earth again. Most often these result in the resurrection of one of the characters who has been killed in battle.As time wore on, the characters became greater, revealing new forms and powers with regularity. Worlds were destroyed, friendships tested, but the focus always remained on the indomitable warrior spirit of the central cast and their ability to overcome deadly foes no matter the cost.The series has endured, and most folks who grew up in the late 1990s in America are still passionate about the show after watching it on Toonami after school.

The fan base for DBZ is absolutely enormous. They’re enthusiastic and not afraid to show their love for the show and its characters.

It’s an impressive resume for a show that emerged in America when there was only limited exposure to Japanese-style animation for most people, and it’s become permanently etched in pop-culture since its debut.

The Merch:

Whether you’ve just discovered the show or you’re a longtime fan, the visually impressive and brightly colored style of the animation lends itself to some truly impressive merchandise.

T-shirts, collectible statues, toys, and more are available for those who want to show off their love for one of the most memorable pieces of animation ever created.

Whether you’re a current super-fan or just someone who’s longing for that taste of your childhood, we have what you need to show your support for DBZ and let everyone know that you’re a part of one of the largest fan bases in the world.

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